Gracia Haby
Tumble & Fall
May, 2009
Digital print zine
Edition of 60


A 10.5cm X 15cm, 17 page colour zine with a peacock-blue cover card and black card spine, with a cardboard backing. Includes four black linen-paper pages with hand-cut smattering of stars. Featuring Tumble and Fall collages I through XII.

This zine was included in the box set, ...and then there were none (edition of three artists’ proofs, compiled 2011), made especially for the IMPACT7 2011 zine fair co-ordinated by Anna Poletti at MUMA. The three sets of artists' proofs were of a loose trio of zines that won the 2010 Artspace Mackay Inaugural Zine Prize, as part of the 2010 Libris Awards.

...and then there were none included:
Tumble & Fall (2009)
A vagary of impediments & a sneak of weasels (2009)
Postcards from... But for the moon nobody could see us (2008)


Remote and incandescent, stars hang in the night sky, luminous and fixed, held by their own gravity. Billions of years old, you can look upon them for a little celestial navigation and orientation, and you can even make a wish upon one.
(From inside front cover of zine)