Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
By This Unwinking Night
Saturday 4th of February – Sunday 1st of April, 2012
Latrobe Regional Gallery, 138 Commercial Road, Morwell (Victoria)


Dear you,

We’ve borrowed a line from J. Milton and assembled beneath it a gathering of works on paper new, recent, and near-to forgotten. We are using it as the roof to our shelter. Prints, artists’ books, collage, drawings, and small publications laid out for you By This Unwinking Night.

Yours in paper covered,
Gracia & Louise

A photographic (tumbling) tour of By This Unwinking Night (created to run in conjunction with exhibition)
List of works (15 page pdf)
Life and nature spark as the universe turns upside-down... (Craft Victoria)


A small note: “By this unwinking night” features in the translation of 17th-century English poet John Milton's sonnet, On His Blindness, from French back into English in Georges Perec's novel A Void (La Disparition). Written in the French language in 1969, La Disparition is a lipogram in which no letter E appears. It was translated from the French into English in 1994, still deliciously deprived of an E, by Gilbert Adair. Thus, Milton’s On His Blindness becomes On His Glaucoma in our Vintage Classics translation published in 2008. This game reminiscent of Chinese Whispers amuses us and seems a rich ground to pitch our tent.


Gracia Haby, This is where the dormouse lives, 2012, exhibited as part of By This Unwinking Night, Latrobe Regional Gallery

(An introduction to) By This Unwinking Night
Fiona West, Senior Curator Latrobe Regional Gallery

The world of Gracia & Louise is an elaborate fairytale that transcends all logic of time and truth. Images bounce from past to recent, reality to fiction and come together in a perfectly constructed world, rich in narrative and wonder.

Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison draw inspiration from vintage postcards, old books and wildlife illustrations to create surreal realities in the the form of prints, books, collages and zines. The artists combine incongruous elements from this source material to stage these spectacles, with animals playing the main protagonists. The presence of the animal is fundamental in their work as it is used to express “our very behaviour, those moral principles one governs the self by, and to explore the relationship with the natural world”.


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Life and nature spark as the universe turns upside-down and inside out transforming itself into something that is colourful, yet subtle, weightless, yet bold, enchantingly dreamlike, yet so very real. It is By This Unwinking Night by no other than the collage and illustrative masters Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison. The title has been borrowed from the translation of John Milton’s sonnet, the 17th Century English poet, On His Blindness and with that the exhibition follows suit with it’s ethereal ambiance and dexterous execution. The exhibition is currently showing at Latrobe Regional Gallery (138 Commercial Road, Morwell) and will continue to until Sunday 1 April 2012. If the trek is truly unobtainable, as it is most definitely worth the trip, the girls have generously created a tumbling walk through of the exhibition here for their visitors and admirers of the virtual variety.

Installing By This Unwinking Night, 2012, Latrobe Regional Gallery


We would like to thank all at Latrobe Regional Gallery for their assistance with this exhibition and the marvelous opportunity we’ve relished. Thank- you Julie Adams, Fiona West, and Maria-Luisa Marino. Thank-you Shelley McDermott and Anthea Williams.

We would like to thank all at NETS Victoria for their help and provision of beautiful cabinets in which to house books. Thank-you Georgia Cribb, Emily Jones, and Sherryn Vardy.

We would like to thank Shari Altman, Ria Bauwens, Marieke Berghuis, Des Cowley, Fliss Dodd, Brydie Dyson, Camilla Engman, Elaine & Peter Haby, Alexandra Hedberg, Susan & John Jennison, Olivia Meehan, Susan Millard, Kristi Moore, and Francesca Sasnaitis, for the original postcards they have sent our way over the years which are now included on the gallery wall with new additions, be they tailed or furred.

We would like to thank, too, our dear families and dear friends, for their post on which to lean and their ears and hearts lent. We would like to thank you, the visitor, for taking a look at the things we have been working on and take delight in sharing with you, and we wish you well as you weave your path through galleries four and five, meeting the cast of characters we have assembled.