Gracia Haby
Views in my pocket
February, 2010
Digital print zine
Edition of 75


A 7cm X 30cm, six page colour concertina zine with a B&W text on paper wrap held in place by a pink circle sticker.

This zine is the first in an ongoing series of zines especially made for your pocket. We are dreaming of the sea is the second in this series.

One of seven zines released at Sticky Institute’s Festival of the Photocopier 2010 annual zine fair held in the Degraves Street underpass.


Looking up, I see clouds in loose formation. I see the sky flecked orange, yellow and pink. I see streamers of red and green light. I see the aurora borealis. At long last. I've had these views in my pocket all the while. Little views of wonder. Look up.