Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, The Arrival, 2011, collage for Visible Ink



Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
The Arrival
Collage made especially for
The screen door snaps
Visible Ink 23


Visible Ink 23 contributors include Susan Adams, Ros Almond, Siobhan Argent, Jessie Burrows, Melanie Caple, Jean Clinch, Louise D'Arcy, Jake Davies, Zoe Davies, Anushka C De Mel, Jane Downing, Jessica Eisner, Charles Finn, Toby Fitch, Gracia & Louise, Jason Hamilton, Richard Holt, Jane Jervis-Read, Saskia Kelly, Shannan Lim, James Macleod, Mark Mahernoff, Kirk Marshall, Rebecca Jane Mcauley, Kerrie McCure, Brie McPherson, Zoe Medraft, Hugh Miller, Alastair Mooney, Mardi O'Connor, Christine Priestly, Chloe Rose, Belinda Rule, Francesca Sasnaitis, JL Shenstone, Nyssa Skorji, Angela Smith, Jan Sutton, Madeleine Tucker, Nicholas Walton-Healey, Angella Whitton, Georgia Wiggs, Alexis Winter, Manuela Yee, Zahra Zainal


Visible Ink is a yearly anthology of new writing and art. Showcasing emerging writers and artists from all over the place, it features poetry, short stories, art, non fiction, photography and anything else you might find on the printed page.


Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison, Keeping a watchful eye both night and day until you return, 2008, lithographic offset print, exhibited as part of But for the moon nobody could see us, 2009



Heather Smith Jones

With photography by Rachel Saldaña
Published by Quarry Books


Our work features in this recent publication by Heather Smith Jones, designed to help one “unearth your own strategies… blend tradition with new methods… combine what you know with a zeal for discovery and find new ways to approach the painting process.”


Within the publication’s gallery section, Heather Smith Jones writes:

The collaborative duo of Gracia Haby, (a collage artist) and Louise Jennison, (a watercolourist), known as Gracia & Louise, create works of art, artists' books and zines. Lightly painted watercolours of jewels surround depicted images saturated with colour, as if unearthed from history. Together they relay narratives of new and invented worlds. All of the artists [selected] delve into their imagination in one way or another...
(Heather Smith Jones)


Water, Paper, Paint (with links to stockists, should you wish to purchase a copy of Water, Paper, Paint for yourself)