Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
The ermines tea party — One weekend
Artists’ book, single color offset print hand colored with watercolor, pencil and glitter on magnani cotton 300gsm paper, with 5–6 loose tracing paper envelopes with various contents
19cm X 19cm, bound in canvas by Peter Stewart-Warmington, with ink drawing on the cover by the artists’
Printed by Hart Printing
Edition of 10


Guy May Bonsai, 222 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy
6 – 7.30pm
Thursday 26th of July, 2001

The ermines tea party One weekend is a loose summary of all things to do with the weekend. Family and friends sent postcards, coasters, ticket stubs and restaurant receipts from their weekend travels, all of which feature between the pages of this book inside square envelopes.

With contributions from
Shannon Bracken; Georgia Cribb; Sarah Davison; Lucy & Tom Doran; Melissa Doran; Peter Ellis; Michael & Mary Gray; Elaine & Peter Haby; Zoe Hogg; Wendy Hutchinson; Kylie, Anthony & Lily Hellier; Hilary Jellet; Peter le Hane; Susan & John Jennison; Gordon Jennison & Emma Winterburn; Clarissa MacDonald; Maggie McCormick; Euan McGillivray & Ann Hurley & Mary McGillivray-Hurley; Katie McLorinan; Sue Milne; Bernice Morris; Catherine Schneider & Robert Beswick; Carroll Schneider; Louise Weaver

This book was exhibited as part of Global Fusion (2002), Kunstraum Palais Porcia, Vienna, and the Second Freedman Foundation Exhibition (2003), Sir Hermann Black Gallery, NSW. In addition, it appeared alongside other artists' books in the the permanent, ever-changing exhibition Mirror of the World: Books & Ideas at the State Library of Victoria, 2006–2007. Editions of this book are in the collections of the State Library of Victoria, and RMIT Library.


Mirror of the World: Books & Ideas
The exhibition showcases many of the rare, beautiful and historically significant books held in the Library’s collections. Located in the galleries overlooking the magnificent La Trobe Reading Room, this exhibition celebrates the unique place of books in our hearts and minds. Mirror of the world provides an overview of the history of book production, design and illustration, with a display of fine examples from the Library’s collections dating from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The exhibition’s title is taken from William Caxton’s Myrrour of the worlde (1490), one of the first illustrated books published in England. The exhibition is divided into five major themes:
‘Books and ideas’, which outlines the early history of books and printing
‘The book and the imagination’, which looks at the way books and texts are imaginatively created, while at the same time acting imaginatively upon us
‘Exploring the world’, which investigates how books have been used to explore and document the world including, its landscape, topography, inhabitants, flora and fauna
‘Art and nature’, which looks at how botanical illustrations unite the scientific and artistic worlds
‘The artist and the book’, which highlights the art of the book and the role of the artist in its production