What is Beauty?


Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
Eight collages created especially for The Australian Ballet’s What is Beauty? 2015 Season launch online
September 2014


We asked our friends @gracialouise, wonderful artists and balletomanes, to tell us what beauty means to them. Here are their luscious creations.

Featuring paintings, patterns, and illustrations by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, François Gérard, William Morris, and Walter Crane; dancers Marilyn Jones, Amber Scott, Leanne Stojmenov, Natasha Kusen, Andrew Killian, Lana Jones, Nana Gollner, Nora Kaye, and The Australian Ballet’s Corp de Ballet; assorted birds, botanical specimens, lantern slides and other harvested delights.

For us, beauty can be found in nature, untamed or otherwise. Beauty is in the strength of a body, in movement or held still like a piece in a collage puzzle. At the meeting point between nature and a thing painstakingly constructed, beauty is a near undefinable balance.


What is Beauty?, The Australian Ballet


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