Gracia Haby &
Louise Jennison
Who are you?
February, 2010
Edition of 100


A 10.5cm X 15cm colour zine with a hand-cut turning element and window. Fastened together by a small silver pin to enable easy spinning, this zine is modeled upon a familiar game of old; rotate the disc to decide which character you will be today.

Will you be a parrot? Will you be a big cat? Will you sport a pair of ears? We're curious, who are you?

One of seven new zines released at Sticky Institutes's Festival of the Photocopier (2010) annual zine fair held in the Degraves Street underpass.


Nobody knows the art of the handmade book quite like Melbourne duo Gracia and Louise, whose range of work includes a delightfully unusual offering of artists' books and zines. Who are you? is no exception — it's a fabulous introduction to the weird and wonderful world of Gracia and Louise. Boundless imaginations will be captivated by their signature blend of surreal humour and fantastical imagery. Featuring a nifty hand-cut turning element and window, Who Are You? is fastened together by a small silver pin to enable easy spinning. Modeled upon a familiar game of old, little hands must spin the disc round and round to choose which character they will be today, "Will you be a parrot? Will you be a big cat" We are curious, who are you?" Curious, indeed!
(Maeve magazine, Nancy's Fancies, Issue 2, Spring 2010)

Who are you? featured in Maeve magazine, Issue 2, Spring 2010