Gracia Haby
It was quite the wilderness
June, 2011
Digital print zine
Edition of 60


A 10.5cm X 15cm, colour (inside) and B&W (cover) zine with a five page concertina insert and peppermint green card cover. The binding mirroring that of a souvenir postcard foldout booklet, this zine features original postcard collages, and it was one of four new zines created especially for the Emerging Writers’ Festival 2011.

Collage on postcard, 2011
Titles of works as they appear:
Unseen (cover)
For how long it would last, neither knew
The volcano rabbit was suitably wary of place names
All became clear by moonlight
A fortunate leap
Holding steady


For those of you who felt the tug of the familiar, the title of this zine is drawn from a line in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

...I strolled into the garden and strolled all over it. It was quite a wilderness, and there were old melon-frames and cucumber frames in it, which seemed in their decline to have produced a spontaneous growth of weak attempts at pieces of old hats and boots, with now and then a weedy offshoot into the likeness of a battered saucepan.