Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison
And Zarafa Kept Walking
Turning the Tables on Alfred Court
Four-colour lithographic offset print on Fabriano Artistico 300gsm traditional white hot-press paper
33cm X 23cm
Edition of 20, printed by Redwood Prints


Two prints created especially for our part of In Your Dreams (Counihan Gallery, 2014) and exhibited as part of Not Quite Sure (Port Jackson Press Print Gallery, 2014), one featured Zarafa, the first giraffe to be seen in France (in the year 1826), who inspired tall hairstyles à la girafe, and Honoré de Balzac to write a story about her. An exotic gift as political ploy from Muhammad Ali of Egypt to King Charles X, Zarafa walked from Marseilles to Paris to the delight of many onlookers, perhaps carrying with her a few feathered friends.

And in accompaniment to this, a collage in which the animals have the upper hand, turning the tables on French acrobat, circus owner, and animal trainer, Alfred Court (1883-1977). In 1925, Court’s menagerie boasted a collection of 25 lions, 8 tigers, 9 hyenas, 7 wolves, 3 cougars, 12 polar bears, 16 panthers and leopards, 5 jaguars, 2 cheetahs, and an extensive assemblage of exotic animals, including antelopes, llamas, and camels, alongside several monkeys, porcupines, and mongooses.

In 2019, And Zarafa Kept Walking was one of two images entrants were invited to write or recite a story in response to, as part of the Other Worlds: 2019 Short story competition.