Zines 2002–2011


An even distribution of weight, 2011
Small ephemeral atlas, 2011
Humble birds, 2011
Birds that like to display, 2011
Webbed, 2011
My dear, don't worry my deer, 2011
Fallen by the wayside and other songs I don't believe I know, 2011
Just as the ship went down and other songs I don't believe I know, 2011
Gold Sparkly, 2011
The Interloper, 2011
Looking and almost never finding, 2011
It was quite a wilderness, 2011
That in the moon did glitter, 2011
Birds that have caught my eye in print, but I've never been lucky enough to see in reality, 2011
An aurora of polar bears I have dreamt of, 2011
Five proud birds, 2011
But I got here a minute ago. (vol I), 2011
But I got here a minute ago. (vol II), 2011
But I got here a minute ago. (vol III), 2011
Quadrupeds drawn from London's Natural History Museum Collection, 2010
There a moment held, 2012
Several foxes enfolded, 2010
A set of two things regarded as a unit, 2010
We are dreaming of the sea, 2010
A menagerie of common and exotic animals, 2010
Who are you?, 2010
Closing my eyes, it is possible to imagine myself anywhere but where I am (I), 2010
Closing my eyes, it is possible to imagine myself anywhere but where I am (II), 2010
A folded drawing of a Sulphur-crested cockatoo, 2010
A folded drawing of a Southern boobook owl, 2010
A folded drawing of an Australian Pelican, 2010
Views in my pocket, 2010
Postcards from... A key to help make your own world visible, 2009
Just the two of us: A fine pair, 2009
A vagary of impediments & a sneak of weasels, 2009
A Single Thought, 2009
Tweak, Tweaked, Tweet, 2009
Tumble & Fall, 2009
Summertime: And the livin’ is easy, just as Ella & Louis sang, 2009
Postcards from... But for the moon nobody could see us, 2008
Good Evening, good evening. So nice of you to come all this way, 2008
Before it's too late, 2008
Small Collection, 2008
Have Wheels, Will Go, 2007
Postcards from... A trapdoor in every room, 2007
Three in the Kitchen, 2007
What Do You Think?, 2007
HOW TO... (be a little more green), 2007
Postcards from... If we stand very still, no one will notice, 2007
HOW TO... (spot a phoney fossil), 2006
Footy Essentials, 2006
Geschlecht und Schoklade, 2006
11.5 fossils, 2006
Imagined travels, 2004–2006
HOW TO... (make a concertina, fold out book & a wrap around book), 2005
HOW TO... (plan for commercial printing and understand printing terminology & color concepts), 2005
Omar & Olive – Chinese whispers with other creatures they meet wandering through their dreams, 2004
Omar & Olive — what they'd really like in their friskies feast cat food, 2004
Where does the musk rat keep his musk?, 2003
Looking out the window, 2003
Everything between home & work, 2002
Is there kunst in the house — How to get by on €4 a day, 2002



Postcards from other worlds, Melissa Caden, The eloquent page: The National Library of Australia’s fringe publishing blog
Interview with Gracia Haby, Matthew Asprey, Honey for the Bears
Artists, Books and Interviews #1: Gracia & Louise, Sara Bowen, Book Art Object
Zines: A Labour of love, Thereza Rowe, Doodlers Anonymous
Zine Scene: The creative world of DIY publishing, Millie Ross, Yen magazine
Sticky Institute’s Secrets of the Photocopier, a collection of our zines on display, Platform Artists Group & Sticky Institute, with Ravening/Ravelling/Revelling, a written piece on zines by Jurate Sasnaitis, Book Arts newsletter